CSUS ~ West Webstore

Welcome to the store!  In these pages you'll find incredible deals on West Wetsuits.  By far the least expensive is the "Closeout Inventory."  This is merchandise that from 2013 stock, and only small and extra large sizes are available.  The newest West suits are all in the "2014 Winter Models" category, where you'll find all the normal sizes in addition to the small and extra larges. 

Shipping is FREE on all orders, and all orders must be shipped inside the US of A.  If you are from outside the US and would like to order, please use the "contact us" link and we'll try to get you sorted out on a suit. 

Orders will be shipped out between now and December 15th to ensure enough time for shipping to you for Christmas.  The earlier you order the faster you'll receive it.  All items will be shipped UPS with a tracking number emailed to you. 

Questions, comments?  Hit us up via the "contact us" link at the bottom right hand of this page.